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 Brand Protection

           foreign body inspection
It takes significant investment to build your brand.  Protect your investment against the rare but inevitable foreign body contamination.

We manufacture state-of-the-art inspection systems to insure your product quality and your customer safety.

Novus X-Ray is simply the best foreign body contamination protection decision you can make.


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November 2–5, 2014 • Chicago, Illinois USA

Novus X-Ray C3 series gets a makeover

The C3.2 series x-ray machine was redesigned to provide better hygiene and greater ease of cleaning. With no tools, the conveyors disassemble and reassemble with surprising ease. The touch screen interface has been integrated into the chassis and has been tested to IP69K high pressure wash down standards. Also, crash guards have been added to protect the controls. The overall result is the new C3.3, a more rugged, reliable and easier to clean machine. 

Novus X-Ray's C3.3 Sets a new low price point for x-ray inspection

Counter intuitively, the new wash down and hygienic C3.3 design lead to new cost saving that could be passed on to the customers, all while maintaining the same or better detection specifications. The new metal work, while offering higher performance, has a higher level of integration resulting in a cost savings. Another key component to the cost savings came from a new electronic circuit card, which replaced two older electronic cards. The new card is populated with components ubiquitous to the computer industry. The overall result is a plus, plus for customer benefit. 

Novus X-Ray Introduces the C4, an automated x-ray inspection machine specifically designed for direct food contact

The C4 Series is specifically design to meet IP69K wash-down, and AMI, USDA, NFS-3A hygiene requirements. This series feature the same powerful detection technology as our field proven C3 Series but the mechanics were designed for caustic high pressure environments. 

USB Interface now available for archive downloads and software upgrades

Traditionally, all archive downloads and software upgrades were accomplished over the network interface. Now, simply insert your thumb-drive into the USB interface of the x-ray machine and the statistics are automatically downloaded to the thumb-drive. Statistics report files are offered in CSV formats. Also, if given a new software upgrade, simple download the new application onto your thumb-drive. Then plug your thumb-drive into the USB port of the x-ray machine. The upgrade is automatically uploaded and installed for you. The result is easy preparation for audits and simplicity of X-ray machines software updates.